Hello, stranger.

My name's Brad Bouse, and I'm a product guy in Seattle, WA.

I designed and built the family tree interface for Geni and the original desktop app for Yammer. I also collaborated on a digital popup book of poetry and built a bunch of other things.



Geni is a collaborative family tree. Over 8 million users have added 150 million profiles, and 60 million of them are linked in a "world family tree." I designed and developed the family tree interface, which handles millions of interactions each day.

Time magazine named Geni one of the top sites of 2008. Geni was acquired by MyHeritage in 2012.



Yammer is the social network for your business. The company was spun out of Geni, and I designed and developed the Yammer desktop application in Adobe AIR, which became the most popular way our users interacted with Yammer.

Yammer won TechCrunch's annual startup competition, TC50, in 2008. They raised $40M raised $140M were acquired by Microsoft for $1.2B and are redefining the way companies communicate.



Between Page And Screen

Between Page and Screen is a digital popup book of poetry. Amaranth Borsuk, a Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow at MIT, wrote the poems, and I wrote the software and animations.

The book was written about in Salon, Wired, Brainpickings, Mashable, Huffington Post, Daily Beast, American Scientist, and even had a small mention in The Economist.

Between Page and Screen is currently available from Siglio Press and in its second edition.



I worked at an ad agency where I built minisites and advergames for entertainment clients like Disney, Warner Bros. and Sony. Our sites for Justice League Heroes and 300: March to Glory turned out particularly well.

Way back before that, I worked for NBC making funny short films and, even earlier, I designed MortalKombat.com and DukeNukem.com.


About Brad

I graduated from USC-CNTV with a degree in film production and quickly switched from film to the web. Most recently, I've worked on product and user experience for Geni and Yammer.

In addition to user experience, I enjoy craftmanship of all character, particularly photography, gardening, and making (with an admitted bias toward drinking) beer.




Write me at bradbouse / gmail, @bradbouse, or LinkedIn.